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Puttanna Public School

“We are not just teachers, we are the managers of the world’s greatest resource children

Robert John Meehan

Puttanna public school aims at engaging students in tackling real-world problems.The education they receive enhances both their knowledge and creativity.Academics here is a perfect blend of academics and co-curricular activities.Our aim is to provide a happy caring, stimulating and diverse cultural environment that allows students to develop high self-esteem, excellent social and academic outcomes and achieve their fullest potential.The school is committed to cater to the needs of students with an uncompromising emphasis on quality education.

To equip our students and prepare them to withstand the winds of change when they step out into the outer world, keeping students all round development at core, since its inception the school has taken huge strides towards excellence in all the spheres of education.Students are provided various exposure to develop their personality in cultural, physical, mental and intellectual realms.

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Chairman’s Message :

True to the school’s  motto “ Knowledge  is light ”  We at Puttanna Public School strive and ensure that our children are given the time and space for holistic education which emphasizes on knowledge rather than grades, as knowledge is the key pillar of wisdom .

We believe is providing well rounded program for our students to prepare them for the 21St  century.

We cater to the needs and requirements of all our students and ensure that they develop an independent thought  , spirit of enquiry , leadership qualities, inter-personal skills, high emotional quotient and happiness  quotient along with intelligent quotient.

A positive partnership between school and the parent community helps in nurturing a student to his/her fullest potential. Hence we look forward to cooperation & support from all the stakeholders of the school.

Principal’s message :

We at Puttanna public school are committed to create a safe and positive environment to nurture and groom the young minds in the best of traditions in education and culture.

 We believe that all students deserve to develop in an environment which promotes, supports and kindles learning with joy. We aspire to create an environment where every child gets individual attention to achieve his / her individual success.

Our intention and focus is to develop our students as global citizens as we believe in Sanskrit phrase.

“ VasudhaivaKutumbakam ”- “ World is one Family”