Puttanna Public School

Academics :

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”

Learning is a journey…..  in fact it is a continues  one

To contribute exemplary human beings to the society and to the nation we at Puttanna Public School provide impetus and the excellent infrastructure for our students.

Our students learn from highly experienced, dedicated and enormously talented teachers. The school and the staff constantly work to make the teaching – learning process an enjoyable process and a knowledge gathering mission.

The school curriculum is planned in such a way that the fullest potential of the student is tapped and holistic development of the student is attained.

The medium of instruction is English. Students have to study compulsory three languages (English, Kannada and Hindi). Apart from languages, students should study Science, Mathematics and Social studies.

Extra curriculum:

G.K, V.E, Performing arts, Craft, Yoga, Physical education, Music, Karate are part of the curriculum.


“Dance is the hidden language of the soul”.

It is a performing art form with synchronised and aesthetic movement, brings physical and mental coordination.


Yoga is a science which brings harmony and peace between soul, mind and body.


A martial-arts discipline which uses striking techniques with hands, feet elbows and knees. Good for physical as well as mental health.